What age group is the project for?
The project has been designed for children aged approximately 8-12 years old though younger children could definitely enjoy the project with additional support from an adult.

What kinds of activities are included?
Each day involves undertaking around three or four simple games and creative exercises, culminating in the children recording themselves delivering a radio report that they themselves have created. Some of these activities involve reading or writing, some of them are physical or performing activities. All can be done around the house and do not require a lot of space to do.

Each day has a different theme – news headlines, breaking news, the big interview, sport and tomorrow’s headlines. By the end of the week these five parts can be assembled into a whole news show, entirely created by the children themselves.

How long will it take?
The project is intended to take up to 2 hours each day, although it could be a little more or a little less depending on the children’s level of engagement with the activities. Each day is broken up into a series of activities that can be spread across the day with plenty of room for breaks, diversions or stopping to do something else entirely.

How much supervision will it require?
We have tried to design the project to enable children to really take ownership of it themselves, and not need to be led by adults. There may be times where they need your help with recording or to complete specific tasks, but otherwise we hope they can remain in control.

What kinds of equipment will I need to provide?
The project is designed to use only equipment we hope might be available in most houses. All that you should need is paper and a pen, access to the internet and something that the children can record their voices with. We have suggested a smart phone with a ‘voice memo’ app should be sufficient.

What should I do with the recordings my child makes?
If you want, the recordings can simply be kept by you and your child to remember the experience, but if you are happy to, we would encourage you and your child to share the recordings online and connect with other people undertaking the project via the hashtag #NNNReportersClub.

What happens at the end of the project?
If you are able to complete the whole project, there is a certificate that can be downloaded from from our web site here that recognises that your child is now part of the News News News Reporters Club.

What should I do if I have a question not answered here?
You can email us at


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