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The News News News Reporters Club is a five-day project for children to complete in their own homes. It involves them making their own radio news show about the world they can see around them using only a pen and paper and a mobile phone. It is designed as a fun way to empower children to be creative and tell their own stories about the strange moment in time we are all living through.

The project was created by artists Andy Field & Beckie Darlington and is based on our stage show News News News, which you can find out about here.

Activity Pack

To become part of the News News News Reporters Club all you need to do is download the activity pack. You can begin the reporters club at any time and take as long as you need to complete it. The pack includes an instruction booklet, an audio introduction for each day of the project from Andy & Beckie, an introduction for parents or carers, and a series of news jingles to use in the making of your news show.

Further practical information can be found here.

This project is offered on a pay what you can afford basis. As freelance artists we appreciate any contribution you’re able to make to help support us and enable us to make more projects like this. If you really can’t afford anything at the moment you are welcome to enter ‘0’ for a free download.

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