Created in collaboration with local primary school children, Lookout is a one-to-one encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer taking place somewhere high up overlooking the city. n nTogether performer and audience member look out at the city and imagine its future. The conversation they share is a quiet journey through the past, present and future guided by the streets and landmarks laid out before them. nnThrough dreams of utopian architecture and possible catastrophes, hopes and fears, future fashions, proposed demolitions and progress real and imagined, they explore two very different versions of the city they both inhabit. An exchange between two people who might not normally meet, about a future world they may or may not share. nnLookout is an attempt to consider big questions in a small way. Developed through a series of workshops with local children, each new version of the piece is unique to the city it is created in and the people who call that place home.nn

Commissioned by The Arches, caravan, MAYK, Cambridge Junction, Contact, and Unicorn Theatre. Supported by Arts Council England. Created by Andy Field Music and Sound design by Tom Parkinson Produced by Beckie Darlington Dramaturgy by Sibylle Peters

‘A hugely important and timely participatory piece that managed to achieve both a sense of the epic and the intimate.’ – Jackie Wylie, Artistic Director of the Arches, Glasgow


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