The Opening Ceremony


The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony began simply enough
with the breaking of a hospital window
Shards of glass spinning through the
darkness of the stadium
Like snowflakes
The dancers moved
so beautifully
Their young feet
skipping across
old flakes of skin
broken teeth
piss stained mattresses
A festoon of burning wheelchairs illuminating the smiling faces of the crowd
We held hands and spelt out our names with sparklers
We kissed as old wounds were
carried out on new brooms
held aloft like bayoneted rifles
and paraded across the thick green grass
to adulation
A riot of colour
A bonfire of old ideas
It rained delirious anaesthetic
And for the finale we had all been waiting for
we held our breathe
and released our broken promises
one by one
the warm
They made a good job of it
the organisers
for sure
and everyone left satisfied
drifting out now towards the car park or the train station
children dragging behind tiredly
gazing back in silence towards the stadium
their eyes
opening and closing again
hands cold
despite the favourable conditions.


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