Five Interventions for No Boundaries


Five Interventions for No Boundaries

Today is the beginning of the No Boundaries conference, which I was supposed to attend. Unfortunately I am really sick so will not be able to make it. Instead I encourage you to find ways in which to perform these small acts of intervention on my behalf.

1. At a moment to be decided entirely by you, step outside of the conference and repeat the last question you heard to a passing stranger.

2. Find a quiet quiet corner  and carefully but determinedly begin to push against one of the building’s outer walls. Continue to do so until someone asks you what you are doing.

3. Whenever someone onstage mentions participation, shout loudly “Participation! Of course, how could I have been so stupid?!” and run out of the room.

4. Whenever someone onstage mentions funding, think for no reason at all about seaside piers and arcades that smell of old coins and donkeys walking slowly backward and forward along a flat, greybrown beach.

5. Make a small parcel of complimentary snacks from a paper napkin and when you leave the conference hand them to someone who you think might want them.


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