After the Goldrush


After the Goldrush

A book of five very short plays created for FUSE at Vancouver Art Gallery, to be performed on the night by members of the public for an audience that did not realise it was an audience. 

1. After the Goldrush
He wanders through the gallery
politely asking
for directions to
Cape Canaveral
Altamont Freeway
Castro Street
The World Trade Center
Kent State University
Candlestick Park
The Watergate Hotel
and a number of other
fondly unremembered places

2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
In a barely noticed corner
a crude rendering of
the happiest thing
they could think of
drawn on a paper napkin
and stuck to the wall
with chewing gum

3. Oh Lonesome Me
Walking slowly
long white corridors
trying and
somehow failing
to spot anyone
despite their
obviously inadequate
hiding places

4. Birds
Quite suddenly and
a flock of starlings
flooding through doors and
crashing into
glass cases and
digital projectors
tearing canvas
drawing blood
and shitting

5. When You Dance, I Can Really Love
She stands alone
in front of a
large painting
swaying slowly
arms raised
building momentum
eventually finishing with a
delicate pirouette
and a respectful
bow to her


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