One version of a story begins like this
First there was nothing
And then there was something
And after that things really started to happen quite quickly
What was once very small
Started expanding outwards
And as it did so
What once were fragments
Became pieces
Became wholes
Became stars
Became planets
And then in exactly the right place at exactly the right time
There is water
And things in the water
And before you know it
They are crawling out of the water
On limbs that grow paws
That grow fingers
That grow crops
That build shelters
That stand on the banks of lakes
Watching the rhythmic pitter patter
Of sunlight on water
Now there are enough of them
That not everyone is growing crops
Or building shelters
They are trading
And now they know what it means to have more
And what it means to have less
Civilisations move
Like waves
washing across rocks
People gather together
For security
For convenience
There are markets
And then a market
And roads that fray outwards
into the countryside
like the old ropes
On the boats that
sit in dry docks
waiting to become museums
We learn that there are things more powerful than god
And we learn that war is not glorious
And that progress is as unreliable as history
As theatre
We learn this story
Though we’re not sure if we believe it
If we should believe it
And the crying you can hear
Is you

With several signatures
And the flashing of cameras
And hope
You are here


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