Song of Myself (The World’s Greatest)


Song of Myself (The World’s Greatest)

I celebrate myself
And sing myself
I am unchecked baggage
I am ten items or less
I am 1999
or 19.99
I am here
I am continental drift
I am suburban sprawl
I am a forged ticket
I am a lost ticket
I am a disabled passenger alarm
I am seated
I am dry ice
I am waiting
I am black ice
I am misspent youth
I am a catalogue of complaints
I am some minor interruptions
I am how much George Bush doesn’t care about black people
I am a voluntary donation
I am austerity
I am a plaintive cry
I am a full and frank public apology
I am variable 4, becoming southeasterly 5 to 7 later
I do not digress
I do not talk of the beginning or the end
I am uncharacteristically frank
I am the morning after pill
I am the morning after
I am resentful
I am forgetful
I am forgotten
I am not what you had come to expect
I am a cracked screen
I am a broken locker
I am a temperamental signal
I am a misplaced library card
I am leaves on the track
I am a missed connection
I am out-of-date yoghurt
I am class envy
and false modesty
I am a PC
I am a giant
I am the size of mountains
I’m the world’s greatest
I am drunk
and I am leaving you a message
I am home-made pornography
I am amateur photography
I am an uncollected recycling box
I am septic
I am ulcerous
I am coastal erosion
I am sinkage
I am a biopsy
I am a paper cut
I am ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
I am on repeat
I am in a spin
I am an overcharged battery
I am overly sensitive
I am the wrong map
I am difficult choices
I am known unknowns
I am everything you thought was resolved some time ago
I am a care home
I am a lost phone
I am an inbox
I am a forgotten password
I am torrented
I am corrupted
I am defaulted
I am implanted
I am offended
I am desolate
I am ready for my close-up
I am looking for a doorbell
I am standing in the rain
I stop for a moment
I stop somewhere waiting for you.


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