[a one minute manifesto performed at Battersea Arts Centre yesterday]

This is a cry for help
This is a call to action.
We are in Battersea Arts Centre
A theatre that was a town hall
There were boxing matches here
People were punched
Actually punched
And there are weddings here
Real weddings
Words are said
And those words really change something
Walk out of this building
And turn right
Go past the magistrates court
And the police station
I want you to go all the way to ASDA
And I want you to do this
I want you to do this one thing for me
Pick up some small thing
And leave without paying for it
Just this thing
I am asking you to do this one thing for me
I am standing here in a town hall
And I am fucking serious.
And as you leave Asda behind you
Crane your neck
And look down the hill towards
Where the fires were
And stolen shoes
And eyes watering with smoke
And briefly everything shimmered
And when you get home
Spare a thought for me
Answering the door to a stern-faced policeman
And talking about incitement
And in my best
university educated voice
I am telling them
That political theatre
Never changed anything.



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