Summer/Autumn 2012


Summer/Autumn 2012


Here’s a brief round-up of interesting things that I’m involved with in the next few months. I hope you can make it along to some of them. If anyone manages everything, they win themselves a prize. An actual prize.


I’ve curated a little project called Paper Stages for Forest Fringe, which means that I get to include myself in it. If only getting programmed were always this straightforward. My piece is called the Incidental Plays, and is a series of events to be performed by an indeterminate number of people for an audience that does not quite realise it is an audience.

You can get a copy of Paper Stages from the beautiful Hunt&Darton Cafe on St Mary’s Street just off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, until 26th August.

In Spirit

I’ve made a new piece for parents and children for the Natural History Museum. It’s called In Spirit and it involves blindfolds, describing, remembering and hundreds of creatures in jars of alcohol.

It’s part of the Hide&Seek event at the Natural History Museum on the 25-26 August from 12pm-6pm.

Motor Vehicle Sundown

Following its runs at Mayfest in Bristol and Caravan in Brighton, Motor Vehicle Sundown will appear at BAC in September and Colchester Arts Centre in November. It’s an audience adventure in a parked car for two people at a time. There’s a lovely review of the piece by Tom Wainwright here.

It will be at BAC from 6 – 15 September and you can book tickets here and Colchester on the 8 November.

For those of you a little further away, the piece is currently on in Toronto as part of the Live Art Series at Summerworks Festival. All the details are here.


Zilla! is back in all its unwieldy glory, this time in Nottingham thanks to Hatch. Zilla! is a three part disaster movie for the stage that happens over two nights in two separate locations, featuring the wonderful Ira Brand and Chris Bailey.

Part 1 will be on Friday October 26th and Part 2 on Friday November 9th. Both pieces can be seen totally separately but if you can make it to both parts 1 & 2, you get the bonus of part 3 – a card game that you take away with you to perform in the streets of your own neighbourhood.


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