On Raising Awareness


On Raising Awareness

I decided that the cat needed to be saved
It was not my cat
I had never actually met the cat
I was impartial
But the cat needed to be saved
I decided to start a campaign
I created some posters and put them up around the neighbourhood
We must save this cat
They said
Accompanied by a picture of the cat
And people agreed
We must save this cat
They said
Soon they were giving me lots of money to help save the cat
Which I used
To print more posters telling people
That the cat must be saved
There was overwhelming agreement
Something must be done
People wrote letters
Someone composed a song
And eventually
Something was done
The fire department
Cut  down the tree
Which no one had mentioned that the cat was in
The neighbour
Whose tree it was
Had no say in the matter
But it was not my fault
As I was only
Raising awareness
And as the sunlight streams into my small garden
For the very first time
I feel the warmth on my face
And my conscience  is clear.


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