We interrupt your scheduled programming for a special announcement


We interrupt your scheduled programming for a special announcement


A big weekend coming up for me with three different projects  that have some tentative relation to things happening in the actual real world. That means you can walk up and sit down and see them, in a place that isn’t a computer:

As part of BAC’s Lynch Weekender, Saturday 23rd October.

This is the first proper outing for a new piece commissioned and developed by BAC specifically for this David Lynch-themed extravaganza. For anyone who’s had a chance to see my earlier piece Moveyhouse the form might be relatively familiar, if complicated in some exciting ways.

The audience are  invited to play an audience at BAC, sitting waiting expectantly for a show to distract them from the fact that the world outside the theatre is quite literally collapsing in on itself. Buildings are falling down, the tubes closed long ago, the supermarkets abandoned. And yet still they came to the theatre.

This is a little experimental piece about being an audience.

If you’re coming to the Lynch weekender then you can sign up for this piece for free on arrival. If not (and alas it is not sold out) then email me or leave a comment at the end of this post and if you’re free you might be able to come along to a little private preview at 6pm on Friday.

a mini-cab ride from Lavender Hill to East London. Only minor diversions.

If you happen to be heading to BAC’s Lynch weekender but aren’t planning to stay all night then I might have a convenient (and hopefully slightly delightful) way to get back to the postcode you love. A few brief disclaimers:

1) This is not an actual minicab. You will consequently not be charged for your journey.
2) This is not an actual show. You consequently do need not need to fear strange goings on or performers leaping out at you. The only thing you’ll need to bring are your ears.
3) This piece is in no way related to BAC or BAC’s Lynch Weekender. It is a totally private journey for an audience of 1-3 people at a time.
4) If you’re interested (or even just intrigued) email me for more details.

as part of the Supersonic Festival, Birmingham. 9.30pm Sunday 24th October.

Another little piece very much inspired by the form of Moveyhouse and making up the final third of a triptych  of half hour pieces experimenting with our ideas of what it means to be an audience in the Cinema, at the theatre and at a music gig. This is, unsurprisingly given the context, the one about a music gig.

I’m very excited about being involved in the genuinely brilliant Supersonic Festival. If you’re similarly excited about going, then hopefully you might take 25 minutes out of the quite incredible line-up of bands to see what I’m getting up to in the Custard Factory’s theatre space.


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