[At Forest Fringe this summer, we created an inspiration exchange. This involved Alex, Laura, Debbie and James writing out a number of things that had inspired them up to this point on small yellow index cards. These were then used as the beginning of a series of fascinating and, well, inspiring conversations with whoever happened to be there at that point. It was a quite delightful event and in response I want to list a few things that have inspired me. So here they are (in no particular order).]

The back lot at Universal Studios Florida, circa 1993.
Pretending I’m a race car on the streets of Cambridge.
A description written on a blog of a My Blood Valentine Gig at the Roundhouse in London.
40-40 in.
Santa’s Grotto, Oakington Primary School, 1987-1994.
See You Swoon by Deer Park, National Student Drama Festival, 2003.
Reading Tim Etchell’s letters from the making of the Forced Entertainment show Nights in this City.
Heads and volleys, if you miss you go in goal.
White Dwarf Magazine, circa 1993.
Super Night Shot by Gob Squad, Gijon, Spain, 2009.
Moondust by Andrew Smith.
A treasure hunt my mum created for my Dad when I was 10 years old.
Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History.
Being too scared to go on Alien Encounter at the Trocadero Centre, London.
Conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy Assassination.
Out of Joint’s Macbeth, in the caves beneath the streets of Edinburgh, 2005.
Franz Reichelt, the birdman of the Eiffel Tower.
A secret fruit-throwing online message board set up by my friend Jack in 2001.
Michel De Certeau’s The Practise of Everyday Life.
An actor pretending to be an waxwork injured sailor at the Maritime Museum in Plymouth, circa 1992.
Punchdrunk’s Faust. Wapping. 2006.
The latrines of every castle I’ve ever visited.
Beamish living museum, County Durham.
Jurassic Park.
Mark Thomas’ mass lone demonstrations in and around Parliament Square.
Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.
A Tom and Jerry Cartoon in which they fight a miniature version of the second world war.
Centre Parcs, Elvedon Forest.


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