Three Events for Manhattan


Three Events for Manhattan

1. A giant white ink pad (10m x 10m) installed in the centre of Times Square only for use by those with no particular place to go – mainly tourists and the lonely. Patterns of white footprints to fade outwards in all directions, tracing meaningless patterns and circles, stopping outside shop windows or across from tall skyscrapers.

2. A chorus of all the homeless people of New York gathered on a single subway train, humming Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man as the train passes unendingly back and forward across the city. Audience and passers-by can hear them only briefly from the platform as the train passes straight through each station without stopping.

3. A violent and wholly unexpected running of the bulls, beginning in the mouth of the holland tunnel and running the full length of sixth avenue, ending up in Central Park where they are left to graze contentedly. Prior to the running, each bull has been painted to resemble one of the internationally renowned cow parade, that has now visited over 50 cities worldwide, including New York, a decade ago this summer, the first time I ever visited the city.


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