Three Projects for Hazard


Three Projects for Hazard

[I’d love to be able to be involved in Hazard in Manchester this year but unfortunately I’m not around that weekend. Instead here are three virtual interventions.]

1) A series of small paper dolls forming a large, unnoticeable circle around the Arndale Centre, mapping the furthest distance at which you would have  been able to hear the sound of the Provisional IRA’s bomb blast in 1996.

2) A blindfolded man or woman covered in 50p pieces (as many as could be afforded by the artist’s fee) carrying a sign reading “Take it All”. They stand in a Piccadilly Gardens until every last coin has been removed, at which point the blindfold is taken off and they are able to leave.

3) A pre-recorded 20 minute video tape of the area in front of of the BBC’s big screen in Exchange Street in which a large number of performers move as if ordinary members of the public – stopping, chatting, talking on their phones or simply walking from one side to the other and leaving. This footage is then shown on the big screen whilst the same performers re-enact  in the square (as naturally and unselfconsciously as possible) the actions they are carrying out in the video. The effect should be of a strange almost live-ness, with passers-by unsure why they have somehow been erased from reality.


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