Three Things


Three Things

Part 1: A list of Car Manufacturer Brand Slogans

Start Something.
Break Through.
Like Nothing Else.
Like Always. Like Never Before.
Unlike Any Other.
The Power of Dreams.
It Must Be Love.
Driven by Passion.
Power for your Control.
Driven by what’s Inside.
Feel the difference.
Accelerating the future.
Sheer Driving Pleasure.
Born to Perform.
The Drive of Your Life.
Get the Feeling.
I Love What You Do For Me.
Go Beyond.
We are driving experience.
Prepare to Want One.
Drive = Love.
The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection.

Part 2: Toxic – Britney Spears



There’s no escape
I can’t wait
I need a hit
Baby, give me it
You’re dangerous
I’m lovin’ it

Too high
Can’t come down
Losing my head
Spinning ‘round and ‘round
Do you feel me now

With a taste of your lips
I’m on a ride
Your toxic, I’m slipping under.

Part 3: Futurist Manifesto

We drove on, crushing beneath our burning wheels, like shirt-collars under the iron, the watch dogs on the steps of the houses.

Death, tamed, went in front of me at each corner offering me his hand nicely, and sometimes lay on the ground with a noise of creaking jaws giving me velvet glances from the bottom of puddles.

`Let us leave good sense behind like a hideous husk and let us hurl ourselves, like fruit spiced with pride, into the immense mouth and breast of the world! Let us feed the unknown, not from despair, but simply to enrich the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!’


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