A couple of weeks ago as part of Hide + Seek’s Sandpit at the ICA was going to attempt to recreate Claes Oldenburg’s 1965 happening Moveyhouse, a sculpture in light, time and space for the cinemateque at the 41st Street Theatre.

As it turned out, the ICA would not allow us to use the cinema to do this.

Apparently they were busy showing ‘films’ or something.

So instead of recreating Moveyhouse in the ICA cinema, we decided to recreate the ICA cinema in the studio. Sitting inside the cinema, watching the Chilean film Tony Manero, were four people with mobile phones. They texted back descriptions of everything happening around them, some of which were then projected on to a screen in the studio for the audience to recreate.

Here is a list of the text messages that I received from inside the cinema.

It’s started. I am sitting next to my friend Clare. Very random…
Just sat down. Couple whispering.
People walking in late are quite annoying. Fortunately I am one of them.
Everyone is talking in Spanish and I can’t read the subtitles cos I am texting
Oh right, his name’s Jose is it? Pretentious cunt, why isn’t his name the same as my name?
Who is Carlos?
The cinema is a bit cunting reverential
Someone coughed but managed to do it quietly about 6 rows back.
Shit’s Tony. Everyone laughs.
Unsurprisingly hard to text and read subtitles.
Someone is running
Clever man is adjusting hair
Really gay dancing
You know, I have no idea if this is sending. Anger if not. Beegees.
The people in the front are kissing passionately with tongues and all.
There are about 200 seats in this auditorium but less than 30 people. I guess everyone else is watching that Paul Rudd film.
Andy you cunt, text back if this is reaching you. Cunt.
Just got told to stop texting by security
Does he not know Oldenburg?
Whimsy. Oh hold on, he just beat his mum to death. LOL.
Guy next to me is writing “Andy you cunt” in a text. Why won’t he just watch the film?
No response from the audience to the main character beating an old lady (his gran?) to death. Or to her saying Pinochet had blue eyes a bit earlier.
Hello. It’s Tony Manero dancing.
Hot lesbian action.
This film is only in cunting Spanish. Racist cunts.
Guy next to me still texting. Fucking twat.
Still clever man adjusts hair again.
Child Molestation
The main character, who looks a lot like Al Pacino, falling over in a dance routine illicits minor laughter.
Everyone has their chin resting on their hand
Jazz hands!
Oh right, this is ‘Argentina’? And they’re doing the Argentina dance?
A guy three rows back has rested his leg on the empty chair in front of him.
Grease is the word
John Terry sent off
Sexy mother daughter rivalry
Sweaty man next to me went out to the toilet and is now on my right rather than my left. He smells a bit.
There’s an elephant in the room
Clever man is catching nits
The burnin?g of film? Will it be violent or sexy?
Rustling. Then everyone winces.
Angry breath two rows back.
He’s eating cat food. A cough.
Everyone snogs the person to the left
A situation at a lumbermill
Man distracts dogs WITH BONES!
Man appears to have genuine sex with dancefloor
Slumped focus
People looking at the screen. That’s mainly what’s happening. (Not exactly a ‘happening’, eh Andy?).
Security man gone
if you’d like to know what’s happening in the film, some impotent idiot obsessed with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever is trying to build a glass dance floor to recreate the dance scene from said film and occasionally beating old people to death. LOL.
Everyone shifts. That was intense.
Woo! Someone towards the back coughed. It was a double choke – clearing the throat type deal. Shortly followed by A SECOND COUGH! Similar to first. I’m now outside cos we been chucked out.


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