Inspired by films like Earthquake, Godzilla and The Towering Inferno, Zilla is an epic disaster movie recreated in miniature before your eyes.

Part-installation, part interactive performance, the piece uses the familiar storyline of the disaster movie as a way of exploring our relationship to contemporary cities. Using miniature Lego figures, dinosaur slippers, chalk, cassette tapes and a video camera, the performers ask us to imagine a city, perhaps even our own city, and then watch as a Hollywood-style disaster takes hold.

By turns funny, ridiculous, melancholy and hopeful, the piece is a chance to think about the cities we live in and how we choose to live in them; to reflect on how those cities were built, and how they might one day be destroyed. Zilla is a low-fi, hand-made attempt to describe at the same time, both something as impossibly huge as a city and as intimately small as the individual people lost within it

Developed with the support of SHUNT, Apiary Studios and Stoke Newington International Airport

Created by Andy Field in collaboration with Ira Brand and Christopher Brett Bailey
Performed by Ira Brand and Christopher Brett Bailey
Sound design by Andy Field

A Younger Theatre

It’s a strikingly simple but wonderful piece. It might be New York with the trade towers or it might be a forgotten part of London, we inhabit the suffering that Field so readily describes. A poignant piece. – Jake Orr

Notes on Theatre

Field is a brilliant observer; precise but poetic too. As the narrative unfolds, one gets the impression of a wide-eyed and open-hearted soul, drinking in and describing every little detail. – Miriam Gillinson


Shunt Vaults, London
Apiary Studios, London

The Cambridge Junction
Primary & the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham (supported by Hatch)

Mayfest, Bristol
Contact Theatre, Manchester

Ternifestival, Italy
World Culture Festival, Korea


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