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Part performance, part walk, part workshop, Nocturne was a song of the night and the creatures that inhabit it leading us in search of the edges of the city. Created over a year in three different cities across three very different parts of Europe, the project was an attempt to imagine a new way of living with and moving through the non-human world around us.

Audiences were invited to disappear into the underworld, slipping through the concrete and electricity, street lights and supermarkets in search of something other. Within the shadows and undergrowth we are drawn to a stranger and less familiar place where perspectives shift on our urban landscape.

Nocturne was developed through a collaboration between an international team of artists, including directors Krista Burane (Latvia) and Andy Field (United Kingdom), as well as collaborators, set designer Ieva Kaulina (Latvia) and choreographer Erik Eriksson (Sweden) and developed through conversations with night workers, ecologists and the local inhabitants of Reykjavík, Riga and Deptford.

Co-commissioned and produced by LIFT, Lókal and Homo Novus. An Urban Heat project, supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

‘Audiences are used to shows that stimulate intellectually or emotionally, but Nocturne is a show that works best in the realm of the senses. The production has the same care and attention to detail as we are invited to take on the walks; a pile of apples on a table in the nature reserve are cleaned and glistening and we are given a hard-bound book of poetry to take away with us.Nocturne’s careful and meticulous conception and delivery encourages us to enter a world of quiet, wakeful observation that reveals the strange and beautiful in an urban nightfall.’ – Lucy Lamber, Reviews Hub

Nocturne transforms the cacophony of London into a delicate piece of sound design. Reading in the hush of the library, the quiet heightens our senses. An apple is munched, and every incision is audible. Pages turn with a whoosh, and leaves are loud beneath us. As we walk, the smells are vivid, too. Cut grass. A bin that needs emptying. A whiff of weed that spills out from a van.’ – Kate Wyver, The Guardian


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